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a&s India: A Leading Professional Magazine for Update on Automation, Security and Fire Safety Domains

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a&s India is a leading monthly magazine in India for Automation, Security and Fire Safety Professional community, which involves Original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), Dealer, Distributor, Importers, Channel Partner, Consultant, System Integrator and End User segments. A leading publication for the automation, security and fire safety domains, affiliated to a&s International and Messe Frankfurt New Era (MFNE). A trusted media for update on India’s fast growing Automation, Security & Fire Safety market. It also covers evolving trends in Electronic Security, Information Security, Smart Home Automation, Smart Cities, Smart Grid and Green Energy segments. It covers the product segments related to Analog CCTV,HD, AHD, IP Surveillance, Video Surveillance Equipments including Cameras, DVRs, NVRS, Encoders, Accessories, Power Supply Equipments, Networking Equipments and Accessories,Servers, Video Walls, Control Rooms, Access Control, Biometrics, Identity Management, Intrusion Alarm, Intercom, Video Door Phone, Home Automation, Perimeter Security, Surveillance Storage, Active and Passive Fire Protection, Safety Equipment, PPE, CBRN Protective Equipment, Marine Safety, Homeland Security Equipment etc.   It provides latest news and views on latest developments happening in the automation security and fire safety industries in terms of technologies, innovations, mergers, acquisitions, appointments and trends. A vertical specific approach, in –depth interviews with industry leaders, application cases , cryptic case studies and white papers makes it a must read magazine. To read our latest issue of a&s India, subscribe now, mail us at