Biometric Tripod Turnstiles 

TS1011- Card

TS2022- Fingerprint + Card

TS2033 - Fingerprint + Card + Face


  • Alloy steel tripod hub prevents mechanical wear with High quality electrical components
  • Casework and tripod arms manufactured in SUS304 stainless steel
  • ZK patented compact mechanism ensures the long life of the lubricating oil inside.
  • Drop arm designed for emergency purpose / Anti-tailgate
  • Smooth operation & case shape designed for mass transit application and user-friendly for passenger to punch card or finger respectively
  • The pictogram on the device indicating access permission and direction of movement
  • Flexible reader installation plate. Customers can easily integrate with third party reader
  • ZKTeco provides integration service in factory, with board and peripherals installed, ensuring compliance of the system which save’s installation cost.

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