To meet the customers’ needs for efficiency and aesthetic design Boon Edam provides numerous aesthetic advantageous.                   

  • The column is finished with brushed stainless steel 320S AISI 304
  • The door wing is of 10 mm tempered glass
  • Single door wing creating a wide passage
  • Appropriate for wheelchairs, trolleys and large luggage passage
  • Stylish transparent design
  • Emergency escape route
  • Cost and space efficient barrier
  • Bi-directional access control
  • The Winglock 900 is manufactured to the highest standards and meets the requirements of norms and standards, for example;
    • CE approved 
    • Complies with the Machine Directive (97/37/EEC)
    • Complies with the EMC-Directive (89/336/EEC)
    • Complies with the Low Voltage Directive (93/68/EEC)

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