Quantum has announced new, unique integration with Veeam for DXi deduplication appliances and Quantum’s latest Scalar tape storage platform. These integrated solutions make it easier for Veeam customers to deploy “3-2-1 data protection” best practices— storing at least three copies of data on two different types of media with one backup copy off-site —to guard against data loss, localized disaster and ransomware.

DXi Appliances Integrated With Veeam Data Mover Service:With the latest update to DXi software, DXi deduplication appliances are now integrated with the Veeam Data Mover, and support the full breadth ofadvanced Veeam features such as synthetic full backup creation and instant VM recovery.Veeam customers using DXi deduplication appliances maximize the availability of their production environment while minimizing backup storage costs.

In addition, DXi appliances will be added to the Veeam user interface as part of the next Veeam software release, further tightening the integration and streamlining the joint solution for customers.

Scalar iBlade Enables Veeam Tape Creation Without Physical Server:Tape continues to be a vital aspect of many data protection solutions because it offers an offline, “air-gapped” backup copy that provides protection against ransomware. Until now, however, Veeam customers needed physical tape servers for tape library access— difficult for those that have 100 percent virtual environments but want offline protection.

The new Scalar iBlade™ designed for Veeam solves this problem. It is an embedded blade server that can be installed into the latest additions to Quantum’s Scalar tape storage platform: the Scalar i3 and Scalar i6 tape libraries. The resulting converged tape storage supports a Veeam tape server role as well as associated tape drivers, enabling Veeam customers to create tape without requiring a separate physical server. iBlade connects directly to the network and provides connectivity to the tape drives within the Scalar library to create a fully converged tape storage solution for Veeam environments.

Integrated Features Enable More Efficient 3-2-1 Data Protection for Veeam:A long-standing best practice for data protection is the “3-2-1 rule”: store three copies of data using two different storage types such as disk and tape, and keep at least one copy off-site and offline. Quantum and Veeam have jointly promoted the importance of this best practice when it comes to protecting data against data loss, localized disaster, ransomware and malware. With these latest features, Quantum DXi and Scalar tape now provide an even more powerful combination for 3-2-1 data protection solutions.

DXi 3.4 software will be released next quarter, and any current DXi customers on 3.x software will be able to upgrade to this version of software to take advantage of this integration with any supported version of Veeam software. DXi4700 customers can purchase a memory upgrade kit to enable their DXi systems to support this feature.

“Improving the efficiency and agility of VM protection and recovery is a constant challenge for organizations of all sizes. These latest integrations in both deduplication and tape put Quantum in a unique spot with Veeam. With such a comprehensive portfolio of data protection storage offerings, Quantum is in a position to deliver some very compelling solution outcomes for Veeam customers that are looking to modernize their data protection strategy and mechanisms,” said Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.

“Quantum DXi with the integrated data mover component supports the full breadth of Veeam availability features, and Quantum Scalar tape makes it much easier for Veeam customers to implement tape out for backup environments that require it. These integrations with Quantum provide great value to Veeam customers,” said Andy Vandeveld, Vice President, Global Alliances, VeeamSoftware.

“These latest innovations solidify Quantum storage as the ideal choice for Veeam environments, based on Veeam and Quantum’s ‘3-2-1 data protection’ best practices.The combination of Quantum disk and tape with Veeam Backup &Replication software enables our joint customers to keep pace with the ever-increasing challenge of growing data volumes and threats such as ransomware. Quantum’s storage solutions perfectly complement Veeam’s availability offerings, which combine to create a forward-looking approach to VM protection,” Eric Bassier, Senior Director, Data Center Solutions, Quantum.

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