Reliance Infrastructure-led Mumbai Metro One announces the launch of the country’s first Mobile Ticketing System “OnGo” which will turn into a reality in mid-August, 2017. The system is at an advance stage of testing and almost ready to go.

Apart from the Mumbai Metro One app, the tickets can also be bought through the payment partners’ apps. With the help of Mumbai Metro app, the commuters will now be able to buy their token or pass and can generate a QR code which will be used to get access through automated fare collection (AFC) gates.

“A Mumbai Metro One spokesperson said, “We are living in times when innovative use of digital technology can help a customer-centric transport utility like Mumbai Metro One make the life simpler and more convenient for its commuters. We at Mumbai Metro One continuously strive to make the 21- minute journey more pleasurable for our commuters through innovations. We are proud to announce the launch of Mobile Ticketing for the first time in India and will endeavour to introduce even more customer centric benefits in the future.”

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