Crime and antisocial behaviour come at great cost to business and the community. From vandalism and theft, to world events that demonstrate the vulnerability of public places to attack, surveillance systems are playing an increasingly important role as both a deterrent and a solution to monitor, record and analyze video to support investigations and prosecutions.

Surveillance systems need to be robust, reliable and available 24×7x365. The unique requirements of the video surveillance industry need access to a complete portfolio of hard drive solutions engineered to effectively, efficiently and reliably store video surveillance footage.

Surveillance-Optimized drives or Desktop drives?

Relying on traditional desktop drives, while they may have the required storage space, is not a good practice because they are not built to withstand the constant data writing involved when capturing multiple streams of high-definition video.

The rigors of today’s video surveillance systems require true 24x7x365 operation, and standard desktop drives just can't handle the workload. They are not tuned for video streaming performance. Therefore desktop drives are not an option for Surveillance environments.

New Generation SV Drive

Choosing the right drive can dramatically improve a system’s overall ROI.

Seagate’s new generation SV drives are specifically engineered for demanding surveillance systems. They provide enhanced data integrity and can help you reduce cost of servicing by delivering optimized HDDs for surveillance applications and improving their overall lifetime in the field.

Ranging from 1TB to 6TB, Seagate’s 7th generation Surveillance HDDs offer benefits of 24x7 video content recording/playback, optimized power management and – very importantly – reduced total cost of ownership. Seagate Surveillance HDDs are a natural choice for surveillance suppliers who want to offer customers the assurance that their surveillance storage is expertly engineered for reliability and performance, without the price tag usually attached to application-specific hardware solutions.

 “We have enjoyed great success with Seagate drives for years. With more options to stream and consolidate video footage into a single solution, these drives allow us to improve the size and capacity of our systems without compromising system reliability.”
Zheng Weirong
Product Manager, Domestic marketing center, Hikvision.

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