Faced with a growing number of hung DVRs installed at ATMs  leading to excessive wastage of both time and money rectifying the problem, only to see it reappear again, one of India’s oldest national banks – turned to their System Integrator M/s Inter Care based at Rajkot, Gujarat, to help manage the issue. Upon  conducting due investigation of affected ATM sites spread across the region Inter Care found the non-compatibility of hard drives used in the DVR/ surveillance systems to be the root cause of all these troubles, giving rise to a host of pain areas for the bank.

These were:
• Heating issues / data loss / video capture issues in DVRs at ATMs dispensing machines
• Higher downtime of ATM kiosks due to increased RMAs in remote locations
• Lack of the right storage solution with the DVR to handle the video capture in ATMs
• Increased TCO due to higher RMAs / heavy penalties to installer due to footage loss from ATMs

The bank had been using normal desktop drives for their surveillance purposes leading to disastrous consequences.

 Surveillance-Optimized drives or Desktop drives?

Relying on traditional desktop drives, while they may have the required storage space, is not a good practice because they are not built to withstand the constant data writing involved when capturing multiple streams of high-definition video. The rigors of today’s video surveillance systems require true 24x7x365 operation, and standard desktop drives just can't handle the workload. They are not tuned for video streaming performance. Therefore desktop drives are not an option for Surveillance environments.
Seagate to the rescue

After due diligence into the matter Inter Care chose to install Seagate’s SV35 HDDs for the entire application.

Seagate SV35 series is designed for heavy-duty continuous recording of 24x7 video surveillance operations and has about 30 percent longer life span than standard desktop drives.

New Generation Surveillance Drives

Seagate Surveillance HDDs (new generation SV35 HDDs), are specifically designed and built for 24/7, always-on surveillance systems, with features such as rotational vibration (RV) sensors and surveillance-optimized firmware to optimize performance and reliability in video surveillance applications. These HDDs are easy to integrate into systems because they are built around standard PC interfaces but have features similar to high-end server drives to safeguard the drive’s longevity. The drive’s cost is competitive against standard PC desktop drives, giving customers a virtually cost-neutral upgrade to a higher level of reliability. Ranging from 1TB  to 6TB, these drives offer benefits of lower cost of ownership, lower power consumption and - very importantly - lower maintenance.

4000 Seagate SV35 HDD units were installed in 1,500 ATMs and 150 branches of the Bank thus solving their issues and providing multiple benefits like:

• 80% downtime reduction
• Reduced TCO
• Reduced RMA
• Low Data loss / Video footage loss
•  Solutions works smoothly at low power zones (remote locations)

Seagate Surveillance HDDs are a natural choice for surveillance suppliers who want to offer customers the assurance that their surveillance storage is expertly engineered for reliability and performance, to effectively, efficiently and reliably store video.

“Seagate SV35 HDD is the right storage solution for us. We are pleased with Seagate’s seamless integration with our client’s systems.”

Sunil Shah  
Proprietor, Inter Care

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