When the oldest national broadcaster in India faced problems in recording and video output with their surveillance system, they approached Security Engineers Pvt Ltd to help deal with the issue. Security Engineers Pvt Ltd (SEPLe) – Kolkata, is a 30-year-old company with a pan-Indian presence, providing security and safety solutions for different segments like Banking, Healthcare, Corporate and Government Organizations. After due diligence, SEPLe realised that it was the interference caused by TV signals that was inducing high noise in the analog camera recordings leading to data/footage loss as well as loss of clarity in video output. As a broadcaster needs to run analog and IP cameras simultaneously, the challenge was to offer a compatible storage solution which would be both scalable and rugged, to keep the analog cameras running noise-free from a distance of 300 meters and provide distortion-free data through multiple video output monitoring.

Seagate Surveillance HDD: The System Integrator’s Choice

This is where Seagate’s Surveillance HDDs (new generation SV35 HDDs) came to the rescue, as the ideal solution to minimize data loss, clarity of video output with minimum support required. SEPLe offered the client a customised hybrid solution comprising of old analog & IP cameras integrated with Seagate Surveillance HDDs. Seagate Surveillance HDDs integrated with compatible DVRs have been installed at various studios across Kolkata and eastern India, to help minimize data loss as well as noise issues. Seagate Surveillance HDDs integration in an IP surveillance setup provided a rugged and reliable solution in a challenging environment, managing TCO and lowering the chance of video and footage loss. Seagate’s strong national network and service support ensure a happy and satisfied customer every time.

Leading Storage Technology

In conjunction with their ability to handle high-write workloads and 24×7 operations, Seagate Surveillance HDDs feature industry-leading storage technology for today’s DVR and video security applications. With up to 6TB capacity, Seagate Surveillance HDDs offer powerful dual processor technology and video-optimized write-cache management. This blend of features meets the storage needs of multiple, high-quality video streams, which are common in DVR and environments. Furthermore, it enables long-term retention of important video archives – a key need for many video security configurations. By melding high capacity points with the unique ability to withstand the vigorous demands of video environments, Seagate’s portfolio of Surveillance, SV35 Series as well as Enterprise Capacity HDDs maximise cost-per-gigabyte performance, giving system builders and integrators the best value for money!

Solution At-a-Glance

•  Loss of video footage and data
•  Loss of clarity in video output
•  Noisy analog cameras

•  Seagate Surveillance HDD
•  Seagate Service Support

•  Reliable, scalable and rugged solution
•  Easy integration with DVRs and IP cameras
•  Higher video footage retention
•  Quiet, 24x7 operations
•  Lower TCO

 “Seagate Surveillance HDD is the right ?hard drive to be integrated in our hybrid ?surveillance solutions.? ?It is ?a ?rugged and reliable product?.? ?Seagate provide?s? extended service support across region?, which made ?our lives easy during maintenance.” -
Gaurav Rajput, Manager,Security Engineers Pvt Ltd, Kolkata                                                                                                                                                
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