AECI’s Chemserve Systems Ltd provides chemical products to a diverse range of industries. Their site at Chloorkop, a small industrial town just outside of Johannesburg, was being monitored by four different analog camera systems, making effective security surveillance extremely difficult. A decision was taken to consolidate and upgrade the existing solution.


Seasoned IP CCTV and systems integration provider, SLA Group, designed and installed a cohesive solution, using Axis network cameras, which offers complete perimeter coverage and extensive internal monitoring capabilities. The main entrance control room maintains centralised control of the entire system, while the IT server room records & acts as a main buffer for the whole system, thereby reducing the risk of an incident or intrusion failing detection by security personnel.


The vacant land on the north and west side borders of the Chloorkop AECI’s site no longer poses a threat to the security of the premises. Previously this open area was responsible for continuous trespassing and the removal of large quantities of valuable stock. Thanks to the installation of Axis thermal network cameras, even complete darkness cannot offer criminals a place to hide.

Protecting essential stock

AECI – Chempark Division supply an extensive range of specialty chemical products and related services for industrial use across a broad spectrum of customers in the manufacturing and mining sectors, mainly in South Africa and in Southern Africa.

1. Chemsystems: Provides chemical products to a diverse range of industries.

2. AkuluMarchom: Supplies chemical raw materials and value-adding services to the cosmetics, toiletry and detergent industries in South Africa.

3. IU: Manufactures and supplies a range of polyurethane products, technologies, systems and solutions in Southern Africa.

4. Plastamid: Plays a leading role in the manufacture and supply of thermoplastic compounds to a diverse range of industries.

5. Chemfit: Has 30 years’ experience in supplying traded and blended specialty chemicals to a broad range of industries including water treatment, soil fumigation, petrochemical, lubricants, polymers and plastics.

“It is imperative that warehouses, administrative buildings, workshops and storage tankers are under 24-hour surveillance. This ensures that our customer has complete control of the entire site at all times,” says SLA Groups Alexandre Teixeira. “Any movement after working hours will automatically trigger an alarm that security officers can react to immediately. The Axis PTZ network cameras provide a visual of what security can expect to encounter during these responses.”

A fortified boundary

SLA Group has over 24 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of CCTV and automation systems for the power generation, mining, iron and steel and chemical industries. This sustained involvement allows SLA Group to offer best value for money solutions without compromising on quality, reliability or long term stability.

“We realised that AECI - Chempark perimeter was a major security issue that required careful attention and meticulous product investigation,” says Alex Teixeira. “The AXIS Q1910-E Thermal Network Camera presented itself as the most intelligent option.” AXIS Q1910-E uses thermal imaging to detect people objects and incidents in complete darkness or challenging conditions such as smoke, haze, dust and light fog.

For a long time thermal imaging was too costly for any application outside of the military, however, as price is driven down by improved technology, it is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the security and surveillance industry. Creating images based on the heat that is generated by any object, person or vehicle and requiring no additional light source, thermal cameras are ideal for securing perimeters and dark or shadowed areas.

Crisp, high definition images

The main entrance to the site and the internal roads are monitored by AXIS P1344 Network Cameras. The first-rate HDTV image quality of AXIS P1344 ensures that control room personnel are able to view video surveillance of the highest possible resolution in the zones where clarity and detail are absolutely critical.

“Picture quality and ease of installation were just two of the many reasons that we selected Axis as our IP partner for this project,” said Alex Teixeira. “Every single corridor, intersection, entrance and exit needs to be accessible by the surveillance cameras. The versatility of the Axis-based solution makes this entirely possible.”

Additional Quote:

“The system has paid for itself in terms of efficacy. It has been a pleasure dealing with such a professional system integrator,” said Mike van Schelt, Financial Director, Chemserve Systems Ltd.

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