Site: Gas Storage Facility.

Perimeter: 5000m facility circled with a 2.4m high chain-link fence with barbed wire single crank topping.

FFT Solution: Single FFT Secure Fence controller.

Detection Configuration: Software zone based detection

  • Sensor cable is tied to the chain-link fence to create cost effective climbing, lifting and cutting detection. 
  • Sensor cables are also connected to multiple swing and pedestrian gates.
  • Detection zones are formed within FFT CAMS where alarm information is forwarded to the camera control system.

Security Operator Interface: FFT CAMS with PLC connection to a Hernisvideo management camera control system.

Benefits of FFT Solution:

  • The FFT perimeter intrusion detection system provides a high probability of detecting illegal entry into a secure gas storage facility where unauthorised entry and activity could have catastrophic consequences.
  • Use of fibre optic intrusion detection, in combination with barbed wire topping, improves intrusion detection. The topping impedes stealthy climbing, generating extra vibrations which are transmitted through the chain-link fence to the sensor cable.
  • FFT advanced signal processing and algorithms avoid nuisance alarms that might otherwise result from high winds and heavy rain. FFT fibre optic intrusion detection is unaffected by large temperature and humidity changes that adversely affect operation of other intrusion detection systems, including the effects of gas flares that heat the fence at this site.
  • FFT fibre optic sensors are immune to frequent lightning strikes and electro-magnetic interference.
  • With no power or electronics required in the field, FFT fibre optics sensors are intrinsically safe, highly reliable and resistant to coastal weather and corrosion.

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