Project was aimed at tracking the time-attendance, employee self-service and visitor management for over 500 users with more than 13 devices at Mysore, India. This was done using fingerprint with Optical Sensor.


JK Tyres have its biggest manufacturing setup in Mysore. The premise consists of a manufacturing unit as well as the administrative department. Since the plant runs 24×7 and there are numerous shifts of workers, they found it difficult to manage multiple shifts manually. Managing visitors was also a problem for the company. So, they required software that would help them keep a record of visitors on time-to-time basis. Creating a visitor’s identity in the form of visitor pass and generating reports of visitors on a monthly basis was a tiresome process. JK Tyres was looking for a vendor who could offer them a complete solution related to Time-Attendance and Visitor Management.


Matrix offered a Time-Attendance solution, which centrally handled multiple shifts of workers and employees. Numerous shifts were created to manage Time-Attendance of over 500+ workers. Moreover, we provided Employee Self Service, which helped the employees view day-to-day attendance, apply for leave/tour, amongst others. JK Tyres further required a record of visitors so we delivered Visitor Management software, which helped them create a visitor pass, fetch visitor records and generate reports of the same.


  • Reduction in Cumbersome HR tasks
  • Automatic Maintenance of Visitor Records on Day-to-Day basis
  • 40% Increase in Productivity of Employees and Workers

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