BY Pramoud Rao, MD & CEO, Zicom Electronic Security Systems
The Indian security market has turned into a red apple. Barring the slowdown in some sectors, on the overall confidence index we remain very positive and bullish. We believe low risk models like SaaS, clear defined ROI, Business Intelligence are some of the change
s we are experiencing in the market place. We believe the future belongs to IP products backed by remotely managed electronic security services including QRT ( Quick Response Team ).


In the B2C markets, consumers are now warming up for low cost stand alone IP products, riding on 3G / 4G network all controlled thru mobile phones. Another feather being added, retailing is finally finding its way in the Indian markets with consumers showing steady signs of product purchases thru retail stores. Once the retaling takes off, the home markets will arrive and we believe, 2014 will set this trend.


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