By Ranjit Nambiar , Director, IAM, South Asia, HID Global
Last 12 - 18 months as regards Indian business environment is concerned where we saw some significant micro and macro environmental changes.

Indian GDP saw its lowest level in last many years , business indices like IPP was operating at low levels , Indian currency depreciated heavily during the period and in general the confidence on business was very low and sceptical. At business operational level there was cash crunch in the market and gross margins for most companies was under heavy pressures.

There are some key changes we are seeing as we get into 2014. US economy which has a large dependency on how Indian business sentiments evolves is looking up and has shown very strong growths in last  two quarters. Closer home, Inflation has started to ease and Indian currency has started to stabilize over the last 6 months though at a higher level. Focus and impetus on infrastructure is back which will have positive rub off on business. 2014 would be a year of consolidation and we should see a much better next 12 months is what i would believe,

As regards HID's business some of the key trends we can expect to see in 2014 on secure identity would be as below.

  • The industry is quickly moving beyond static, proprietary access control architectures to more secure, open and adaptable solutions, supporting the customers’ desire for new products and technologies that enable their business.  
  • Integrating physical access control with IT security will bring new benefits while changing how organizations operate.
  • Strong authentication will continue to grow in importance in the face of a rapidly changing IT security threat environment – and will also move to the door and include other factors such as biometrics and gestures.  
  • Mobile access control will continue to roll out in stages and use various wireless technologies.We will enter a new era of NFC authentication services, using trusted tags to establish unique identities for many items in many public places, and to later verify their authenticity using contactless readers or any NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet.The migration of intelligence to the door will continue with the further adoption of IP architectures and future capabilities of smartphones for access control.
  • Printing and encoding advancements will simplify card personalization. The market will increasingly see faster printing and encoding solutions, more durable card materials, and solutions that enable “anywhere/anytime” distributed issuance capabilities.
  • Visitor management systems will continue to move beyond the businesses to schools, hospitals and other institutions where high-profile incidents have proven that safety and security shouldn’t be left to paper logs.  
  • There will be accelerating worldwide adoption of multi-purpose electronic ID (eID) credentials.  

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