By  Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head of Marketing, Godrej Security Solution
The market for security systems in India comprises of physical security products like burglar and fire resistant safes, monitoring and surveillance products etc.

For the banking sector, a comprehensive 360 approach is needed right from monitoring and surveillance, entrance and access control, burglar and fire resistant safes, strong room doors, record protecting equipment etc.  An increased focus on employing these high levels of security will play a vital role in banking security. Monitoring and surveillance should be the first line of security that banks must employ. Like with all factors, burglary too has evolved and is becoming more advanced. The need of the hour is to upgrade to torch and tool resistant safes which offer resistance against vicious attacks from oxyacetylene torches, hand tools and impact tools. Banks should invest in burglary and fire resistant safes and vault equipment and accessories that can withstand these tools. Further banks are entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding customer’s valuable documents like records, blue prints, contracts, accounts, statements, agreements etc. This is where banks need to invest in record protecting equipment which has the ability to withstand any kind of danger and damage.


Home security products like burglar alarm system, home CCTV cameras home safes etc will also see huge potential especially amongst home owners. Though the category will take some time to mature, awareness is certainly higher than it was three years ago. The industry sees an increase in interest from this segment of customers, who are looking for modern and intelligent security solutions. The purchases are also predominantly from families and individuals who need it at specific periods of time like while relocating or vacationing or have dependents at home such as babies and young children or aged parents. More people are finding it safe and practical to install home security products like safes, CCTVs and video door phones in their homes and offices. Considering that the market demand has been rising progressively, we should see a significant boost in surveillance product sales in the near future.

There is indeed a critical need to raise customer awareness to either adopt or upgrade to security products that are burglar resistant and fire resistant in nature.  The benefits of proactively securing one’s household or office with intelligent security solutions, is the need of the hour in India.


( Mehernosh Pithawalla, Head of Marketing, Godrej Security Solutions)

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